e-Health Tourism

This health service is offered to tourists of six Western Balkan countries. The online consultation is offered in all languages of the six Western Balkan countries.
Advice for smartphone users:
For iOS : Use Safari
For Android : Use Google Chrome
A sudden illness in a foreign country is one of the most serious problems that a tourist can face. You are in an unfamiliar place and often do not speak the language. This issue is even more relevant now because of COVID-19.

e-Health Tourism will minimize the inconvenience and distress, providing fast and easy access to health services for tourists.

e-Health Tourism will also help citizens of six Western Balkan Countries during their holidays away from their country by providing easier access to health services and enabling them to continue enjoying their holidays.

e-Health Tourism is an innovative project developed by Digital Clinic and supported by Regional Cooperation Council, and it offers online consultation for tourists of the six Western Balkan countries.