Farnes Institute

Trusted Partner

Farnes Institute embodies a New Path, a New Perspective, a New Vision to resolving the healthcare crisis for individuals, communities and countries by delivering:
Knowledge-Driven Truths to promote Harmony, Longevity and Quality of Life. 
Farnes Institute has created the Farnes Optimum Performance Living (OPL) Model of care that specializes in the delivery of professional services, education, and products via the application of knowledge-driven information, which relies on fact, not opinion.
Farnes OPL provides a pathway to optimize emotional, environmental, mental, physical, social and spiritual independence based on legitimate living principles consistent with the organic laws of nature and the natural laws of man.
Farnes Optimum Performance Living can reduce pain and eliminate avoidable suffering while restoring physical function, optimizing quality of life and providing a wealth of knowledge that is time-binding in nature and purpose.
FARNES INSTITUTE services will be offered to Digital Clinic patients, after the appointment is booked and referral is done from the Digital Clinic.