Prof. Assoc. Dr. Merita Xhetani

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Merita Vila Xhetani

Genetic Counselor

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Consult online with Prof. Dr. Merita Vila Xhetani, the well-known Albanian Geneticist,
Prof. Merita is a genetic counsellor, she has completed her studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and continued her master's studies, and in 2008 she defended her master thesis: "The genetic structure of the Albanian population through DNA analysis with 15 STR markers". In 2013 she defended her doctoral thesis: "Identification of the presence of RHD and RHCE genes in a group of Rh-negative blood donors of the Albanian population and prenatal genotyping of fetuses in Rhezus negative mothers". Prof. Merita has participated in many trainings and specializations in Albania, France, Turkey and Spain.
She is a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship and from September 2019 to February 2020 completed her postdoctoral studies and research in the field of molecular genetics at the Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute (LFKRI), New York Blood Center, NY, USA.
Prof. Merita has been a participant, representative and coordinator of many scientific and genetic research projects in Southeast Europe, France, Austria, etc.
She is the author of the university textbook "Basics of Radiobiology", published in 2010, author of the program and cycle of course lectures "Human Genetics" for students of master studies in Molecular Biology and author of the program and cycle of course lectures " Genomics” for students of master studies in laboratory technique, University of Medicine Tirana.
Prof. Merita has participated in more than 25 national and international scientific conferences and events. She has also published more than 15 articles in national and international journals.
She speaks fluent Albanian, English, French and Italian!
Prof. Merita is a member of the European Association of Human Genetics, the International Blood Transfusion Association and a member of many other international organizations.
At a time reserved only for you, tell Prof. Merita about your genetic problems! She will guide you on your decision making regarding genetic testing, family planning or the risk / probability of a genetic disease. She will listen to you carefully and suggest the appropriate diagnosis for your genetic problem and help you understand the chance of inheriting / passing on a genetic disease to your children.