Dr. Ervin Shehu

Dr. Ervin Shehu


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Consult online with Dr. Ervin Shehu, the well-known Albanian urologist who lives and works in Rome.
Dr. Ervin completed his studies in Medicine and Surgery at La Sapienza University in Rome while completing his specialization in Urology at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.
During the specialization he has improved his medical and surgical skills through a training experience in minimally invasive surgery and kidney transplantation assisted by the Da Vinci robot at Halle-Saale University Hospital Germany with Professor Paolo Fornara. In 2017 he was trained at the "Christie Hospital" in Manchester / England on mini invasive oncological surgery.
Currently, Dr. Ervin performs his medical and surgical diagnostic activity at the Villa Betania Clinic in Rome, where he has perfected his skills in:
• In diagnosis, medical therapy and laparoscopic surgery assisted by the robot Da Vinci for tumors of the kidneys, ureter, bladder and prostate;
• THULLIO laser endoscopic surgery for benign prostate pathology;
• Endoscopic surgery for ureter and kidney stones using the HOLMIO laser;
• Prostate biopsy with the FUSION technique;
• Perform flexible ureter cystoscopy; Performing urodynamic examination;
• Perform flexible ureter cystoscopy;
• Focal laser therapy for prostate cancer (FLA) without organ removal.

Dr. Ervin, works with a strong sense of commitment and is available to conduct online urological consultations for patients anywhere in the world. He is fluent in Albanian, Italian, German and English.
At the appointment reserved only for you, tell Dr. Ervin everything about your illness, he will listen to you carefully and help diagnose and suggest the best urological treatment for your cure!