Anadolu Medical Center

Trusted Partner

ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER - AMC is a state-of-the art, multispecialty, acute care hospital with an outpatient clinic in the very heart of Istanbul. It was established by the Anadolu Foundation in 2005 and has two major characteristics: its non-profit status and its unique affiliation with the globally recognized Johns Hopkins Medicine USA.
The Center's affiliation with the Johns Hopkins Medicine USA positions the Center on the level with the best hospitals in the world. This affiliation provides continuous access to the latest innovations, unmatched expertise, and technological advancements. This affiliation allows its staff an opportunity to continuously improve their skills, knowledge, and training to ensure outstanding care and top-notch expertise.
Anadolu Medical Center is an institute that was awarded by ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) as one of the very few centers in Europe, and also has ISO 9001- 2000 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environment Management System), and JCI (Joint Commision International) accreditation and quality certificates, OECI (The Organisation of European Cancer Institutes) also certified by Planetree Gold Accreditation.
The center provides excellence in Cardiovascular Services (most complicated pediatric, neonatal and adult heart surgeries), Oncology (Medical Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, 10 years of experience in Cyberknife M6 Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy, Edge technology in Bone Marrow Transplant Unit exceeding 2.000 transplants between 2010- 2020, radiation therapy ) nuclear medicine (PET-CT Scan, Iodine Treatment), IVF (hi-tech embryology lab, PGD tests, high success rates) and Surgical Specialties (Neurosurgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urology, Orthopedics).
The International Patients Services at Anadolu Medical Center is a full-service department dedicated to meeting the needs of international patients. Since the opening of Anadolu Medical Center in 2005, the department grew drastically and reached a current size of 80, with 3 sub-divisions of marketing, sales and operations, also including a medical team consisting of 4 physicians and one case nurse manager dedicated only to assist international patients and to coordinate their treatment processes at Anadolu Medical Center.